The Unrivalled Stadium Blaster


 Our MAGICFX Stadium Blasters are avaiable for hire for events across Australia -  a large CO2 powered confetti blaster with a massive output designed for big concerts, stadiums and festivals. No operator needed - Fire via the push of a button!

These units are not for the faint of heart. This heavy-duty, 85KG confetti blaster packs an enormous punch in load and projection capacity. These units effortlessly shoots 10 kilos of confetti into the air with the help of a fresh dose of liquid CO2 or CO2 gas. Control via DMX, Wireless and Manually however can be operated with no extra crew as typically would have on each!

We have detailed 5 reasons why Stadium Blasters are a must have at your next event! 


The great advantage of the STADIUMBLASTER® is that one operator can control several blasters from the Front of House. You save costs on extra crew and stagehands.


The installation of the STADIUMBLASTER® is very fast as no tools are needed compared to the old blasters. Twist the horn to connect it, install the blowing direction with an index plug + indicator and you’re ready to go.

All machines start and stop on the same time and there’s no delay on cue.
This effect looks much better compared to the old blasters where stagehands manually operated machines and did not start at the same time.




Controlled by DMX. Do you want to connect it with your pyro-control system? 24v is possible as well.


 This new design automatically feeds the right amount of confetti. You no longer need to load the confetti by hand which is a huge advantage! With this technology all machines will blow out the same volume of confetti compared to old manual operated machines. The effect of the new STADIUMBLASTER looks perfect!


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Phone: (+61) 03 9416 8755 

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