Handheld or Electric Cannons, which to choose?


Whenever your event, one of the things that every audience seems to like is being covered in confetti and streamers! The surprise, the fun, the instant smiles - confetti and streamers are just synonymous with celebration and makes us so happy being able to help achieve this. Our wide range of handheld and electric cannons are convenient cost effective and perfect for all sorts of events, and have been used just about everywhere and anywhere - in theatres, nightclubs, on professional touring shows, school stages, weddings, performances and everywhere in between, they are a super versatile and ideal choice of confetti effect.


With a simple twist of the base, raining confetti fills your space and dazzles your guests! What a difference a couple of handheld cannons can make to an event! King Confetti does it better with a wide variety of sizes filled with a range of different materials, shapes and sizes of Confetti or Streamers in just about every colour imaginable. 

King Confetti stocks confetti cannons project up to 4m, 8m and 12m metres in 30cm, 50cm and 80cm lengths, respectively. Our products come pre-filled with your colour choice of confetti or streamers in paper or metallic. 

The streamer-filled canons are designed to cover longer distances, projecting colours through the air up to 12-20 metres. Looking for something more personal? We can also custom fill these to suit your needs whether you need to make an impression at your next corporate event with colours of your logo covering your space, to make your DJ set stand out with a professional confetti effect without the huge price tag, the perfect finalise to your stage show or even as a gender reveal to surprise your family and friends!



Ever wanted to push that red ‘fire’ button and make it rain confetti? King Confetti’s electric confetti cannons are much like the handheld cannons in that they come in 30cm, 50cm and 80cm sizes with a variety of options in terms of fill whether that be streamers, confetti in a range of different colours or materials.  What sets King Confetti’s electric cannons apart is the way the electric cannons are fired. A pulse of electricity sent from the ‘fire’ button to a MAGICFX Powershot triggers a blast of confetti or streamers into the air for a jaw dropping, professional and powerful effect. With the push of a button, stand back and watch the magic happen; a perfect surprise for your audience, guests or crowd! 


With King Confetti’s extensive range and expertise, speak to us today for the best confetti advice, coverage and effect for your next event! King Confetti will take the time and effort to understand your requirements and will focus on your needs and recommend the most suited effects available for your venue, to meet your vision and especially captivate your audience.

Leave a comment below and feel free to get in touch with us for more information on any of our services, all sales enquiries, hire bookings and to discuss any ideas you may have, we would love to hear from you.

Phone: (+61) 03 9416 8755 
Email: hello@kingconfetti.com.au

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