9 products
Authorised distributors of BioConfetti Australia exclusive range of the best water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable confetti on the market! Water-soluble and completely biodegradable made from...
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Electric Cannons

11 products
A powerful and professional confetti effect - our range of Electric Cannons are perfect for all sorts of events, we have used these...
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4 products
King Confetti proudly brings the world’s best Confetti and Streamer equipment to the stages and events of Australia ensuring the highest quality, spectacular and...
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Gender Reveal

32 products
For parents-to-be, its that big question! Stocking up on pink or blue onesies? These ambiguous cannons and colour themed products will reveal your new arrival's...
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Handheld Cannons

12 products
Handheld Cannons are like super party poppers fired with a simple twist of the base projecting confetti up to 12 metres and streamers...
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Metallic Confetti

10 products
Metallic Confetti also known as 'Mylar' is different from the regular matte Slowfall Paper Confetti. These pieces of PVC have a layer of reflecting...
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Slowfall Paper Confetti

14 products
Party time! Confetti brightens up any room and the twirling pieces of coloured paper ensure a colourful spectacle at any event. Our Slowfall...
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Special Deals

142 products
Check this page and our facebook page for some of our latest special offers, deals, coupon codes and mates rates that can be used on...
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Specialty Confetti

11 products
If you are looking for unique confetti to use in your stage show or event, we offer a wide range of paper and...
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30 products
Do you want to create an impact at your event but the venue doesn’t allow confetti? Streamers are the answer! Streamers will fly...
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22 products
Some of our most popular choices with our wedding clients, engagments, valentines day and proposals - also can be used with any of...
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