The Celebration Dilemma!


At King Confetti, we are all about creating that special moments that you’ll never forget. We can customise confetti for your event and give it that extra pop or bang. Our large range of confetti and streamers come in tissue paper, metallic and biodegradable! Sustainable partying with various colours, shapes and sizes King Confetti has got you covered - literally!



King Confetti’s Slowfall Paper Confetti is a lightweight tissue paper confetti making it able fly into the air and fill the room with bright vibrant colours that will make everyone smile! Tissue paper Confetti is an economical option and known throughout as the events and entertainment industry as the standard. Tissue paper confetti is made from extremely thin pieces of tissue paper that measure 55mm x 17mm as our standard staple rectangle shaped confetti however we have a range of different colours, shapes and sizes available; such as multicolour stars, white butterflies and red hearts, you can check out the entire range of Slowfall Paper Confetti here.

King Confetti can also CUSTOMISE paper confetti whether that be in a custom shape of your choice, printed with your logo on one or both sides of confetti or even see your logo on bank notes! Custom confetti is the ultimate in event branding!


King Confetti’s Metallic Confetti also known as Mylar Confetti will bring some sparkle to the air and add elegance to any event. Metallic confetti  is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events and catches spotlights and sunlight, sparkling as it falls through the air, perfect for any event during the day or at night under bright lights for a special reflective visual effect.

Metallic Confetti as standard is sized in rectangles 55mm x 17mm pieces of thin metallic PVC film and just like our slowfall paper confetti is available in just about every colour, in different shapes and sizes and looks very classy and elegant as the metallic reflects light and glimmers as it floats.

Its versatility means that it is perfect for use with any of our confetti equipment, being scattered across tables as decorations or just for general throwing. Depending on your venue and event, you can purchase the confetti in bulk or purchase it in small quantities - Our metallic confetti is sold by the KG and colourfast, flame proof and professional quality.




Could you imagine that perfect outdoor wedding, a beautiful garden or vineyard with the sun setting and white confetti falling around you? As exclusive stockists of BIOCONFETTI; a water soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable confetti ensures that your perfect moment can happen guilt-free. BIOCONFETTI comes in a range of colours: White, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green and Multicolour. Whatever the celebration, distribute handfuls of BioConfetti to all your guests and your outdoor event will be the colour you desire!  Not only does it create a beautiful scene and an amazing experience but its biodegradable, for use outdoors which will magically disappear when it gets wet, either hose it away or let nature help with the clean-up.


King Confetti’s streamers are a great option and visual effect and also an alternative to create impact at your event where venues don't allow confetti.

With most colours available in metallic or tissue paper, King Confetti has it. Our standard size streamers dimensions are 10m x 2.5cm with a variety of other lengths and sizes available. Streamers are a popular choice among many venues and major events around the world due to the impact and wow factor of the effect. Couple that with 20,000 screaming fans and it’s a sight to behold! The greatest reason to keep streamers in mind are that they are quick and easy to clean up as the pieces are long lengths and post event quickly become fashion accessories as everyone dashes to pick them up and wear them. Clean up? What clean up!

If you really want to create something special then you can ask the team at King Confetti to mix our confetti and streamers for a layered effect using a combination of both!

Always be mindful when using streamers to make sure you have enough space due to the fact that streamers will indeed shoot further than confetti particularly when used indoors! This is particularly important if you want the effects to reach into the audience or crowd - just give us a call or send us an email with your event details and we will be more than happy to help provide you with the best advice and service possible!


With King Confetti’s extensive range and expertise, speak to us today for the best confetti advice, coverage and effect for your next event! King Confetti will take the time and effort to understand your requirements and will focus on your needs and recommend the most suited effects available for your venue, to meet your vision and especially captivate your audience.

Leave a comment below and feel free to get in touch with us for more information on any of our services, all sales enquiries, hire bookings and to discuss any ideas you may have, we would love to hear from you.

Phone: (+61) 03 9416 8755 

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