Gender Reveal Celebrations!


It’s time for the big moment that everyone has been waiting for, all your family, friends, and loved ones are gathered around. Cameras are out and the photographer is in position to capture your magic moment! You and your significant other each hold your purposely ambiguous Confetti Cannons and prepare to fire, revealing the gender of your baby to a keen audience of friends and family who experience the anticipation with you. With a simple twist of the base, a vibrant burst of confetti fills the air, up to 8 metres, and then gracefully floats down towards the crowd, the look of a professional effect capable of being fired by even grandma! An instant effect creating a big hit of confetti at your key moment. 

You only get one chance to create a special moment and this instant effect creates a single hit of confetti perfect for that. These confetti cannons are a great addition for your gender reveal party and will not leave you or your guests disappointed!

In regards to questions of quantity: the more cannons, the better!

Gender Reveal 50cm Handheld Confetti Cannons
Gender Reveal 80cm Handheld Confetti Cannons

It may be obvious but it is important to note, only fire confetti cannons vertically and never in the direction of any living thing. It is for this reason that we recommend our confetti cannons be used by ages +18.

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