MAGICFX ClubBlower

MAGICFX ClubBlower
MAGICFX ClubBlower
MAGICFX ClubBlower
The MAGICFX CLUBBLOWER is a special effect machine that blows confetti into the air using a powerful electric blower. Distances up to 7 meters can be reached! The MAGICFX® CLUBBLOWER is equipped with a especially designed venturi nozzle and has a confetti hopper with foam roller that automatically doses the confetti.
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    • Powerful effect up to 8 meters.
    • Automatic dosing system (continuous flow of confetti).
    • Adjustable truss bracket.
    • Plug and play.
    • Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1
    • Mount bracket as floor stand.
    • Consumption Paper confetti: up to 0,5 kg/min 
    • Consumption Metallic confetti: up to 1 kg/min


    • Size (L x W x H) 54,8 x 35,1 x 43 cm
    • Weight 16 kg
    • Control Direct on-off (powerCON TRUE1 in)
    • Voltage 210-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
    • Power 1500 W
    • Consumables MAGICFX® Confetti (up to Ø 55 mm)
    • Capacity Paper confetti: 1 kg/ Metallic confetti: 2 kg
    • Output Up to 8 m MAGICFX® Confetti
    • Warranty 3 years

    ⚠️ MAGICFX ClubBlower User Manual

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